Friday, January 11, 2013

Tap Tap Is This Thing On?

I don't want to blog.  I hate the thought of blogging.  I'm just not really sure if I have anything to say that is worth writing down or worth reading.  I feel like I'm drowning in words already with Facebook, email, books I'm reading, books I need to read, school for the kiddos, etc.
So...why am I sitting here doing this?  Well, I read once, " Hate is a force of attraction. Hate is just love with its back turned."

I am a little fascinated with the idea that anyone would want to read what I've written.  I see a hint of validation hiding there.   Of course, one little critical comment and that's gone. 

Maybe, just maybe,  there is value here.  At least I can reveal some of my heart and mind to those I know.  Maybe you can say, "Hey, I go through that too."  or  "That's interesting." or "Yikes!"  And maybe, I can not worry about my grammar long enough to say what God would have me say.

Typed with Love,